Art Action UK (AAUK) 2020

Knowledge Meltdown ―ナレッジ・メルトダウン―


Remake of “The god of the labyrinth” (1933), 2014 ©Yoi Kawakubo


2020年6月6日(土)21:00-22:00 (日本時間)



主催:Art Action UK (AAUK, London)



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In 2014, The British anthropologist Dr. Peter Wynn Kirby coined the term ”knowledge meltdown” to describe the way in which information circulated after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The excess of information, lack of information, mis-information, manipulation of information, concealment of information, censorship and self-censorship might have been happening in 2011 in Japan, but for many people in UK, the matter felt too remote and perhaps in-consequential. However, more recently we are experiencing a huge daily dose of information – data, news, predictions – the term “knowledge meltdown” perhaps applies to global coverage of the Coronavirus.

In this online lecture / interactive panel discussion event, we are going to hear opinions from well-known Japanese socio-political commentator, Dr. Yoshitaka Mōri, Artist and film-maker Hikaru Fujii (both based in Japan) and artist Yoi Kawakubo (based in the UK).

This event is organised in collaboration with the Graduate School of Global Arts (GA), Tokyo University of the Arts.

Art Action UK is an arts collective that began through responding to the 2011 disaster in North East Japan, which triggered the nuclear crisis in Fukushima.
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We are a collective of artists, curators, gallerists and writers who are exploring means to show solidarity and support for people who have been affected by natural and manmade disasters.

The 2011 Japanese earthquake, tsunami and subsequent Fukushima nuclear fallout has been the catalyst for Art Action UK.