“Introduction to Art and Culture in the Global Age”

“Introduction to Art and Culture in the Global Age” is a series of special lectures organized by the Graduate school of Global Arts. In this course we invite specialist from around the world to give lectures and workshops. This time we invite Prof. Claire Bishop, for two days.


Information Overload: Research-Based Art and the Politics of Attention

“Research-based art” is a type of installation practice characterized by a reliance upon text and documents to support an abundance of visual materials, distributed spatially, and which encourages the beholder to arrive at their own interpretive conclusions. This lecture offers a genealogy for the emergence of this work in the early 1990s, and charts changes since over the subsequent three decades in terms of the work itself (technological developments in information management) and its reception by viewers (the pressures of an attention economy). The paper offers a critique of this artistic tendency: its post-hermeneutic approach to research, its reconfiguration of spectatorship as labour, and its exacerbation of (rather than resistance to) information overload.

Date and Time:June 4(Fri) 9:00-10:30
Guest Lecturer:Claire Bishop
Discussant:Kenji Kajiya(Professor, Tokyo University), Tomoko Shimizu(Associate Professor, Tsukuba University)
Moderator: Yoshitaka Mōri (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)
*The attendance of this lecture is limited to students.
*Registration Form:https://forms.gle/DE3ULxkv9mTz9Gg49  (Only students or faculties of Geidai will be accepted)


Claire Bishop is a critic and professor in the PhD Program in Art History at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Her books include Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship (Verso, 2012), and Radical Museology, or, What’s Contemporary in Museums of Contemporary Art? (Walther König, 2013). She is a Contributing Editor of Artforum, and her essays and books have been translated into twenty languages. She is currently working on two books: a short publication about Merce Cunningham’s Events, and a collection of essays about contemporary art and attention. Her most recent publication is a book of conversations with Cuban artist Tania Bruguera (Cisneros, 2020).

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