Senses of (Dis)Connection: Japan and Contemporary Asian Art and Cinema

  • #1, #2 Date and Venue:Sunday, May 19, 13:00-/the Community Salon on the 3rd floor of the Hisao & Hiroko TAKI PLAZA on Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts
  • #3, #4 Date and Venue:Sunday, May 26, 13:00- /ASAKUSA(1-6-16 Nishi-Asakusa Taito Tokyo)
  • Curator:Pan Lu
  • Host:Department of Chinese History and Culture, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Co-hosts:Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts and ASAKUSA

Contents: “Senses of (Dis)Connection: Japan and Contemporary Asian Art and Cinema” is a carefully curated collection of films and artworks explores the intricate interplay between Japan and its neighbouring countries, highlighting the shared narratives, artistic expressions, and cultural exchanges that have shaped the region’s creative landscape. Through a diverse range of video art, essay film and experimental film and fictional shorts from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore as well as works (co-)produced by Japanese artists, the program aims to illuminate the ways how Japan’s past and present are intertwined in the works contemporary Asian artists and filmmakers. We see in the works the shared themes of identity, historical entanglement, modernity, and how Japan, intimately or remotely, is connected and disconnected with its neighbours.