Three Policies
Diploma Policy

The Graduate School of Global Arts aims to train students to become curators and producers who understand different genres of the arts including fine arts, music, film and new media from multifaceted perspectives and are able to create various opportunities for artists to exhibit and perform. We also aim to nurture researchers who analyze cultural and social aspects of various artistic activities, and specialists who propose and practice cultural policies through such analytic studies.
With the view to nurturing advanced specialists who can work at art and cultural institutions, businesses and government offices, a master’s degree is granted to students who have earned the number of credits required by the credit policy of the school and have successfully passed an examination such as a review of the master’s thesis.

Curriculum Policy

Based on the school philosophy of “the bridging of theory and practice”, students are expected to acquire a global perspective and networking methods, which can be achieved by attending introductory and advanced lectures on basic and applied theories, project-based practical seminars, and seminars by guest speakers, leading practitioners and theorists in Japan and abroad.
The program enables students to understand cultural and social situations that lie behind art events all over the world, and to study cultural policies and cultural economics that support relations between the arts and society, while learning to actually plan and implement cultural projects.

Admission Policy

The Graduate School of Global Arts seeks students who have a strong belief that they are responsible for establishing relationships between the arts and society, and possess the creative flexibility to energetically engage in discussions arising around tradition and innovation. In addition, students are expected to have a linguistic ability that is necessary for theorization of their own academic research as well as the ability to think and communicate that enable them to succeed in the internationally diverse programs.