Lecture & Concert Vol.2Between Iran And Japan  — Persian Dance And Life

Lecture & Concert Vol.2
Between Iran and Japan — Persian Dance and Life

This event “Between Iran and Japan — Persian Dance and Life” will be the second in a series of events following up the first event of the series “Between Iran and Japan…

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Special Lecture: Introduction To Art And Culture In The Global AgeWannasakpijitr Boonserm: Roles Of Mor Lam,  A Traditional Art Of Northeast Thailand,  In The Lifestyle Of The Isan People
Special Talk: Morgan QuaintanceA New Wave?

Special Talk: Morgan Quaintance
A New Wave?

In the UK a strikingly similar selection of discourses, debates and controversies are circulating through the mainstream art world. What was innovative and iconoclastic in the late 1980s and early ’90s, has today…

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Special Talk: Haeyun ParkTrans-Pacific Video: Intersections Between Korean, Japanese, And American Art In The 1970s And 1980s

Special Talk: Haeyun Park
Trans-Pacific Video: Intersections between Korean, Japanese, and American Art in the 1970s and 1980s

In this talk, I will present the ongoing research of my dissertation project, which examines the development…

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Global Arts Research 2017-2018The Collaborative Project Between Tokyo University Of The Arts And Ho Chi Minh City University Of Fine ArtsExhibition, Conference And WorkshopTriangulation: Tokyo — Goto — Ho Chi Minh
The Exhibition “Pn – Powers Of PLAY -” Curated By Students Will Open Soon.

The Exhibition "Pn - Powers of PLAY -" Curated by Students Will Open Soon.

An exhibition curated by 5 graduate students majoring in curation of GA and 2 graduate students majoring in architecture will be held, as a part of Professor Yuko Hasegawa’s course “Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices Seminar”, from March 21 to April 8…

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Master Thesis Presentation And Final Research Review 2018
Symposium: Seeking New Curatorial Practice: Ecology Of Information And Network