Special Lecture: Introduction To Art And Culture In The Global AgeMedia Studies And Japan

Special Lecture: Introduction to Art and Culture in the Global Age
Media Studies and Japan

“Introduction to Art and Culture in the Global Age” is a series of special lectures organised by the Graduate school of Global Arts. In this course we invite specialist from around the world to give lectures and workshops.…

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Special Seminar With Dr. Marié AbeOn Resonances Of Chindon-ya: Sounding Space And Sociality In Contemporary Japan, (Marié Abe, Wesleyan University Press:2018)
Natalia Fuchs Lecture: Art, Science And Technology In Post-Soviet Perspective

Natalia Fuchs Lecture:
Art, Science and Technology in post-Soviet perspective

Intersections of Art, Science and Technology in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union examined the consequences of innovation in the industry, economy, culture and communications. …

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The Website Of Mouri Lab. Has Been Launched.
Regarding Socially Engaged Art Project , “Morning Dew” By Soni Kum

Regarding Socially Engaged Art Project , “Morning Dew” by Soni Kum

In this event, the artists, curators, and scholars are going to give presentations and have discussions for the art project “Morning Dew”, which will be realized through the support from Kawamura Arts and Cultural Foundation Socially Engaged Art Support Grant, starting from this year.

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Rosi Braidotti Special Lecture : What Is The Human In The Humanities Today?

Rosi Braidotti Special Lecture : What is the Human in the Humanities Today?


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Special Lecture: Decentralization Processes In Swedish Cultural Policy

Special Lecture: Decentralization Processes in Swedish Cultural Policy

Hosted by Arts Management and Cultural Policy field, this time we welcome Dr. Jenny Johannisson to discuss about Swedish cultural policy. At the same time we have a special guest Dr. Sigrid Røyseng for a lecture titled “Rejection of public art: Conflicting definitions and evaluations”.

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Call For Contributions For SOUND:GENDER:FEMINISM:ACTIVISM(SGFA) – TOKYODeadline For Proposals: 17 June 2019

Deadline for Proposals: 17 June 2019

We are pleased to announce a call for contributions to SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM (SGFA) – Tokyo, a research event investigating scholarly and artistic research in the context of sound in all its various creative and theoretical forms, gender and activism.

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