Interview: ‘We Built Olafur Eliasson’s Exhibition Without The Artist’

Interview: ‘We built Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition without the artist’

An interview with Professor Yuko Hasegawa appears in Studio International, London-based online contemporary art magazine. In this interview, Professor Hasegawa talks about the exhibition in the age of COVID-19…

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New Publication: “Journal Of Global Arts Studies And Curatorial Practices” Vol.1

Special Lecture: Introduction to Art and Culture in the Global Age "Ethnographic Research on Japanese Popular Culture: Music, Anime and More

Hosted by Research field, this time we welcome Prof. Ian Condry, Professor in Comparative Media Studies / Writing at MIT, with a lecture “Ethnographic Research on Japanese Popular Culture: Music, Anime and More.“

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Art Action UK 2020 Project “Knowledge Meltdown”

Art Action UK 2020 Project "Knowledge Meltdown"

In this online lecture / interactive panel discussion event, we are going to hear opinions from well-known Japanese socio-political commentator, Dr. Yoshitaka Mori, Artist and film-maker Hikaru Fujii (both based in Japan) and artist Yoi Kawakubo (based in the UK).

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Online Exhibition  Alter-narratives

Online Exhibition Alter-narratives

Under the supervision of Professor Yuko HASEGAWA, Online Exhibition” Alter-narratives” is a practicum of the curation course for five international students at Tokyo University of the Arts.
The purpose of this exhibition is to present new contexts to various values of today’s ever-changing world from each curator’s point of view, and to gain new knowledge from viewer’s diverse responses.

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Archive Of Online Event “Staying TOKYO Vol.03”

Archive of Online Event “Staying TOKYO Vol.03”

An archival video of “Staying TOKYO Vol.03”, which took place on April 24, is now available. In the online event, Professor Yuko Hasegawa talked with artist Olafur Eliasson.

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Prof. Yuko Hasegawa: Online Event “Staying Tokyo” (April 24) and TV Program “Nichiyou Bijutsukan” (April 26)

Professor Yuko Hasegawa will appear in an online event “Staying Tokyo”, hosted by Rhizomatiks, from 8 p.m. on April 24 (Fri). She will talk with Mr. Olafur Eliasson, whose solo exhibition will take place at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT), about art in the emergence of new ecology…

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“THE鍵KEY” Was Selected The 19th (2019) Keizo Saji Prize Given By The Suntory Foundation For The Arts

“THE鍵KEY” was selected the 19th (2019) Keizo Saji Prize given by The Suntory Foundation for the Arts

“THE鍵KEY”, planned and produced by Mr. Naoya Yamashita who graduated from the master’s course of our department, was selected the 19th (2019) Keizo Saji Prize given by The Suntory Foundation for the Arts.

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