Stage Reading Workshop Of THE WORLD: A Multi-Lingual Musical

Stage Reading Workshop of THE WORLD: A Multi-Lingual Musical


GA Master Thesis Presentations 2024

GA Master Thesis Presentations 2024

The Graduate School of Global Arts (GA), between 10th and 12th of Feb., 2024, will host “Master’s Thesis Presentations 2024” with 19 prospective graduates (15 Master’s students, as well as 4 Doctoral students) presenting at the Senju campus. Please join us in witnessing the results of their studies.

Urban Sansui β

Urban Sansui β

From December 20 to 22, 2023, Urban Sansui β, an exhibition + talk commemorating the publication of the Urban Sansuiexhibition catalogue, will be held at kudan house…

Stop The War: Discussion On The Israel-Hamas War Vol.01

Stop the War: Discussion on the Israel-Hamas War vol.01

Since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, and its retaliation, the war situation in the Gaza Strip in Palestine has continued to deteriorate, and the Israeli army is reportedly preparing for a ground war, increasing the risk of many civilian casualties. What can we do at this critical moment? What is the Palestinian-Israeli problem in the first place?

Guest Talk “一歩前へ Take A Step Forward 行前一步”

Guest Talk “一歩前へ take a step forward 行前一步”

Guest Talk "一歩前へ take a step forward 行前一步" Observing self-organization practices in the case of Guangzhou. 观察以广州为例的自组织实践 We will host a talk with artist/director Liang Jianhua (梁健华), based in Guangzhou, China. He will discuss the vibrant self-organized cultural practices in Guangzhou since the late 2010s, as well as his own space "HB Station." He will also talk about the genealogy of self-organization in the context of contemporary Chinese art since the 1980s. In 2022, friends from Wuhan hosted a market in the "前台osf" of Guangzhou's Autonomous Space.2022年,来自武汉的朋友在广州自治空间“前台”主办市集 About In the art practice scene in Guangzhou, since 2016, young artists, curators,…