Intimate Distance. Masterpieces From The Ishikawa Collection

Intimate distance. Masterpieces from the Ishikawa Collection

Intimate Distance. Masterpieces from Ishikawa Collection Dates:29 Jun 〜 29 Sep 2019 Venue:MO.CO. Hôtel des collections Address:13 rue de la République, 34000 Montpellier, France Tel:+33(0)434887979 Opening Hours:12:00〜19:00 Holidays:Mondays website booklet ステートメント: Intimate distance|Yuko Hasegawa     Selecting works that belong to the world and sensibilities of a single collector and exposing them in a different place beyond his or her reach is something that in itself creates distance possessed of intimacy and coolness. This is the first time the Ishikawa Collection has been shown outside of Japan to such an extent, and it is also the first exhibition at this new museum, Montpellier Contemporain,…

Regarding Socially Engaged Art Project , “Morning Dew” By Soni Kum

Regarding Socially Engaged Art Project , “Morning Dew” by Soni Kum

In this event, the artists, curators, and scholars are going to give presentations and have discussions for the art project “Morning Dew”, which will be realized through the support from Kawamura Arts and Cultural Foundation Socially Engaged Art Support Grant, starting from this year.

Rosi Braidotti Special Lecture : What Is The Human In The Humanities Today?

Rosi Braidotti Special Lecture : What is the Human in the Humanities Today?