Rosi Braidotti Special Lecture : What Is The Human In The Humanities Today?

Rosi Braidotti Special Lecture : What is the Human in the Humanities Today?


Special Lecture: Decentralization Processes In Swedish Cultural Policy

Special Lecture: Decentralization Processes in Swedish Cultural Policy

Hosted by Arts Management and Cultural Policy field, this time we welcome Dr. Jenny Johannisson to discuss about Swedish cultural policy. At the same time we have a special guest Dr. Sigrid Røyseng for a lecture titled “Rejection of public art: Conflicting definitions and evaluations”.

The Website Of Sumitomo Lab. Has Been Launched

The website of Sumitomo Lab. has been launched

The website of Sumitomo Lab. has been launched. This website is run by the Sumitomo Lab, part of the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts. The material here is focused on the projects conducted in the seminar, but also…

Master Thesis Presentation 2019

Master Thesis Presentation 2019

The Graduate School of Global Arts will organize its 2019 Master’s thesis presentation as follows. 12 students will give presentations over three days, along with presentations by guest commentators. We would like to welcome everyone to…