“Arts In COVID-19”

“Arts in COVID-19”

From Monday, November 9 to Sunday, November 15, there will be an exhibition of artworks, screenings of plays, performances, and online/offline symposiums. What kind of culture and art are possible in the wake of the novel coronavirus crisis – and in the post-coronavirus era?



The Exhibition focuses on the images “outside” of works – that cannot be seen here and now. Then, it reconnects and circulates within viewers, reversing the “invisible” into the foundation that constitutes visuals. Can we remove …

New Publication: “Journal Of Global Arts Studies And Curatorial Practices” Vol.1

New Publication: “Journal of Global Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices” vol.1

GA has released the first issue of GA Journal: Journal of Global Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices. This academic journal contains papers and special contributions by faculty members and graduate students of GA. These articles reflect some of the cross-disciplinary studies and practices conducted in GA. We want to introduce this journal to those who are interested in the fields of  arts management, arts and culture studies, or curation.   ●Where/How to access ⑴ Available in the GA faculty room (Ueno/Senju) . ⑵ Free distribution in the GA faculty room (Ueno/Senju). (* Limited number of copies.) *Currently, entry to campus…

Art Action UK 2020 Project “Knowledge Meltdown”

Art Action UK 2020 Project “Knowledge Meltdown”

In this online lecture / interactive panel discussion event, we are going to hear opinions from well-known Japanese socio-political commentator, Dr. Yoshitaka Mori, Artist and film-maker Hikaru Fujii (both based in Japan) and artist Yoi Kawakubo (based in the UK).

Online Exhibition  Alter-narratives

Online Exhibition Alter-narratives

Under the supervision of Professor Yuko HASEGAWA, Online Exhibition” Alter-narratives” is a practicum of the curation course for five international students at Tokyo University of the Arts.
The purpose of this exhibition is to present new contexts to various values of today’s ever-changing world from each curator’s point of view, and to gain new knowledge from viewer’s diverse responses.