Research Associates and Assistants


Research Associate

SHOJI Wataru

庄子 渉

Born in Sendai, 1987. Shoji graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a BA in Musical Creativity of the Environment. He has worked on the art project “Art City for Living” and the community-planning project “MAD City”. He is now the Director and Coordinator of the artist-in-residence program, PARADISE AIR.

Research Associate


渡辺 育

Born in Japan.
After graduating from Kyoto University, completed postgraduate studies in architectural history at Kyoto University Graduate School of Architecture. Visiting Researcher at MIT Department of Architecture in 2017. Working at New Material Research Laboratory, led by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, from 2018 to 2020. Now works as an architect and curator.
Major works and exhibitions are Tea Room “flow-an” at exhibition ‘Art & New Ecology’(Artist, Tokyo, 2022), Exhibition “Symbiosis Living Island” at Japan House Sao Paulo, London, LA (Assistant Curator, 2022, UK, USA, Brazil), “Kiyoharu Art Colony Ryukyu-dance Stage” at Kiyoharu Art Colony (Architect, Yamanashi Japan, 2022) and Tea Room “Baudrillard’n” at Gallery hiromiyoshii (Architect, Tokyo, 2021).

Research Associate

YANG Chunting

楊 淳婷

Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from National Chengchi University (Taiwan). Ph.D. in Arts and Culture Management. Yang has a particular interest in immigration and the relationship between society and art based on her own experience. In the doctoral program, she engaged in planning and running art projects, while conducting research and fieldwork with the keywords of “multicultural society, social inclusion, and art”. Worked as a chief planner and coordinator in the art project “Immigration Museum Tokyo” in 2019, and as a supervisor of the Theatre Coordinator Training Course “Focusing on Multicultural Coexistence” in Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in 2021. She has published peer-reviewed journal articles such as ” Art as a Method of Multicultural Engagement and Inclusion: The Development of Multicultural Tolerance of Japanese ” (2016 “Cultural policy research” Vol.10).

Research Assistant


知念 ありさ

Graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design (London University of Arts and Design). Completed MA and PhD at Tokyo University of Arts, Inter Media Arts. Works as an artist and creates works that continually attempts to capture the essence of “now” through the repetitive manual labor such as stippling and string art.


Recent exhibitions:
2022 “Sen” Art Front Gallery (Tokyo)
2022 “Art and New Ecology” The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts  (Tokyo)
2021 “Art Book/ Art Goods@ BankART KAIKO BankART KAIKO(Yokohama)
2020 「MITSUKOSHI×東京藝術大学 夏の芸術祭2020 次代を担う若手作家作品展」Nihombashi Mitsukoshi (Tokyo)
2019 「手塚治虫生誕90周年記念 I ♡ MANGA」MDP Gallery(Tokyo)
2019 「糸かけで見る数楽アートの世界」Chiba City Museum of Science (Chiba)

Research Assistant


中野 哲

Born in Tokyo in 1993. Graduated from Waseda University, School of Political Science and Economics. Completed a Master’s degree in the Graduate School of Music at Tokyo University of the Arts. Conducted fieldwork mainly at live venues in Tokyo and contributed to After Musicking (2017, Tokyo University of the Arts Press), edited by Prof. Yoshitaka Mori. As a musician, he is the core member of rock bands Spicy Kouyadofu and Rock’n’Roll Party People.

Research Assistant

TANAKA John Naoto

田中 John 直人

Born in Tokyo in 1994, John graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BA in Art History and a BS in International Agricultural Development. He subsequently assumed a role in business strategy at a leading Japanese multinational manufacturer before enrolling in the GAP program (MFA) at the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts. Since finishing, he has served as a Project Research Assistant (PROJECT Music Bridge) and Adjunct Instructor at the GA graduate program. Focusing on the Toride campus and the surrounding Omonma area, John aims to elucidate the interplay between university history and the overarching socio-historical contexts through research, communication, exhibitions and archival work.

Research Assistant

MAEDA Nanami

前田 菜々美

Nanami Maeda is an artist mainly working with performance.
They graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a BA in Musical Creativity of the Environment, and completed MA of Fine Arts at KASK & Conservatorium School of Arts Ghent.

Research Assistant


高竹 義樹

Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Law. Completed a Master’s degree in the Graduate School of Global Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts.