Exhibition “Debordering: Woodcut Printmaking Practice in Inter-Asian Context”

28 April – 8 May 2023

10:00 -17:00 (open every day during the exhibition period),

2F The Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno Campus

The Inter Asia Woodcut Exhibition Organizing Committee,
Global Support Center, Tokyo University of the Arts

The Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

[Supported by]
Nomura Foundation, Asahi Culture Foundation, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, National Culture and Arts Foundation


In recent years, art practices of woodcut printmaking have emerged in various parts of Asia. Artists and activists intervene in society through their works, create together with the public, and inspire each across the limitation of borders. The exhibition is titled “Debordering: Woodcut Printmaking Practice in Inter-Asian Context”, presenting 12 artists/art collectives from Asia, showcasing various practices in the context of “bordering” and its corresponding practices in deconstructing/dismantling it.

In the past three years, the global pandemic has caused certain barriers to cultural exchanges. This exhibition raises awareness of the issue of “bordering”, aiming to explore how it affects communication between people at different levels; besides, this exhibition hopes to outline the critical awareness of “Asia”, by presenting art practices from different regions and open up the possibility for further understanding and discussion.
In addition, seminars, guided tours and woodcut workshops will also be held during the exhibition period, to communicate with the audience through different activities. All are welcome to participate.

[Participating Artists/Groups]

Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear and Arts of Block-print Collective (Tokyo)
Chen Wei-lun (Taipei)
Jay Lau Ka-chun (Hong Kong)
Kim Eok (Seoul)
Lam Lok-san (Hong Kong)
Pangrok Sulap (Sabah, Malysia)
Prickly Paper (Guangzhou)
Print & Carve Department (Taipei)
Printhow (Hong Kong)
Printmaking for the People (Manila)
Taring Padi (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
Woodcut Wavement (Shanghai, Guangzhou)

Krystie Ng (Researcher, Kuala Lumpur)
Lee Chun Fung (Artist, Hong Kong)
Kenichiro Egami (Researcher, Fukuoka)

[Program during the Exhibition]
During the exhibition period, participating artists and researchers will hold symposiums, guided tours, workshops, and other events.

■Exhibition Tour
The exhibition curator will conduct an exhibition tour (on-site registration).
Date and time:
April 28th (Fri), 14:00-15:00 (English with consecutive interpretation in Japanese)
May 6th (Sat), 14:00-15:00 (Japanese)

■International Symposium
“Borders as a Problem: From the Practice and Experience of Woodblock Printing”

Date and Time: April 29th (Sat), 12:00-17:30
Venue: Tokyo University of the Arts, International Exchange Center, 3F Community Salon
Language: English (Summary in Japanese will be provided)


Part 1: “Borders as a Problem”
Moderator: Kenichiro Egami
Speaker 1: Krystie Ng (Exhibition Curator)
Speaker 2: Lee Chun Fung (Exhibition Curator)
Speaker 3: Ai Kano (Assistant Professor at Shizuoka University)

Part 2: “Practice and Experience I: Transboundary Collaboration and Breaking Down Borders”
Moderator: Krystie Ng
Speaker: A3BC, Prickly Paper, Woodcut Wavement, Printhow, Pangrok Sulap

Part 3: “Practice and Experience II: Media Thinking/Intervention in the Field”
Moderator: Lee Chun Fung
Speaker: Chen Wei-lun, Lam Lok-san, Jay Lau Ka-chun, Printmaking for the People

Part 4: “General Discussion”
Moderator: Kenichiro Egami
Discussant 1: Yoshitaka Mōri (Professor at Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts)                      Discussant2: Pan Lv (Associate Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

■Woodblock Printing Workshop
A woodblock printmaking workshop will be held by “A3BC”, a Tokyo-based collective that creates works with social and political themes such as anti-war and anti-nuclear. Woodblocks, ink, carving knives and fabrics will be provided.

Date and Time: May 7th (Sun), 13:00-17:00
Venue: Tokyo University of the Arts, Chinretsukan Gallery 2F
Instructor: A3BC members, participating artists
Participation Fee: Free
Registration: On-site registration (limited seats available)

Contact: Kenichiro Egami (Project Assistant Professor, Global Support Center)
Email: egami.kenichiro@fac.geidai.ac.jp