International Conference & Workshop A/R/P (Art/Research/Practice) 2021

The fields of contemporary art and research in the humanities and social sciences are beginning to interconnect. Research-based art (RBA)—in which artists create artworks and projects based on sociological and anthropological research—has been expanding greatly, partly due to the “social turn” in contemporary art since the early 1990s. This is deeply related to the emergence of new art forms such as socially engaged art (SEA), participatory art, and community art; the development of technology such as digital media and computers; and the institutional transformation of art galleries and museums.

On the other hand, arts-based research (ABR) or ‘artistic research’ has developed within fields previously conducted mainly through texts, including anthropology, sociology, education, media studies and cultural studies. These fields have integrated the arts (visual art, literary art, music/sound art, media art, and performing arts) to conduct qualitative research in response to changes in theories, research methodologies, research targets, as well as transformations in the nature of the humanities. These results are now widely visible not only in research presentations, but also in practice, education, and workshops that actively try to reintegrate the research process into society.

This international conference and workshop, titled ‘Art/Research/Practice’, draws attention to the unique developments in the respective fields of contemporary art and the humanities and social sciences, while also exploring the potentialities of the intersections, similarities, and differences between these two fields.

Organized by:     The Graduate School of Global Arts (GA), Tokyo University of the Arts

Date and Time:October 2 (Sat.) – October 3 (Sun), 9:00-19:00
Venue:Tokyo University of the Arts, Senju Campus + Online
    *All sessions/workshops may be replaced by the on-line sessions

Organized by:The Graduate School of Global Arts (GA), Tokyo University of the Arts
       Asia Art Research (Arts and Research in Asia/ARinA) Project
       Yoshitaka Mori Lab
Tokyo Geidai Asia Art Initiative(AAI)
Tokyo Geidai Digital Twin

Keynote Speakers

  1. Keynote Speech and Performance
    “Arts-Based Research-Based Art-B-R-B-A-B-R”
     Professor Masayuki Okahara (Sociologist, Professor Keio University)
  1. Keynote Speech
    “Postcard, Archive and Home Video: On Forms of (Re-making) Memories”
     Dr. Lu Pan (Associate Professor & Undergraduate Programme Leader, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  1. Keynote Speech
    ”Immersive Architecture: Digital explorations and multimodal representations”
     Dr Simone Shu-Yeng CHUNG, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore
    Relativity 6
    Presenter: CHUA Ming Hao, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore
    Death in Venice
    Presenter: ZHU Shengbuwei, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore

  1. Keynote Performance
    “Monogatari, the Light -Travels to the Source of Pulsing Images-“
     Dr. Itsushi Kawase (Visual Anthropologist & Associate Professor, National Museum of Ethnology)