Special Lecture In English Andreas Vierziger Alternative Concert Formats In Classical Music

Special Lecture in English Andreas Vierziger Alternative Concert Formats in Classical Music

Fri, November 18, 2016
Vierziger will discuss on the content, synergies and strategies in the classical music field and its beyond. …

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Pedro Inoue: Special Lecture

Pedro Inoue: Special Lecture

Mon, November 14, 2016
Mouri Yoshitaka Lab invites Pedro Inoue, a graphic artist & designer, as a special lecturer at the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts. Inoue has shown his personal work in Japan, Korea, France…

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The Roles Of Newspaper Critics Expected In The Digital Age, Focusing The Future And Next Generations

The roles of newspaper critics expected in the digital age, focusing the future and next generations

Fri, October 7, 2016
Mark Swed has been the Los Angeles Times classical music critic since 1996. Before that, he was a music critic for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, The Wall Street Journal, and 7 Days in New York. …

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Special Talk Artistic Practices In Straightjacket: Case Studies From Thailand

Special Talk Artistic practices in straightjacket: Case studies from Thailand

Fri, September 9, 2016
Judha Su is an art writer from Bangkok, Thailand. Her current research project is “Thinking in Critical Constellations: art criticism and its practice in…

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Special Lecture: What Can Art Do In An Ongoing Catastrophe? Guest Speaker: Jason Waite

Special Lecture: What can art do in an ongoing catastrophe? Guest Speaker: Jason Waite

Tue, July 12, 2016
Co-curator Jason Waite, discusses Don’t Follow the Wind, an ongoing exhibition taking place inside the restricted…

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Special Lecture Bruno Latour “The New Climatic Regime And The Three Aesthetics: Science, Art And Politics”

Special Lecture Bruno Latour "The New Climatic Regime and the Three Aesthetics: Science, Art and Politics"

Sat, July 16, 2016
Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts is honored to invite Professor Bruno Latour from Paris…

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Special Lecture : After “Ain’t Got Time To Die” In Deptford X, London

Special Lecture : After "Ain't Got Time to Die" in Deptford X, London

Tue, July 5, 2016
Awarded Art Action UK 2016, residency program in London, Kyunchome stayed in London and hold their solo show and they will talk about their…

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Lecture Series Arts, City And Community In The Age Of Globalization

Lecture Series Arts, City and Community in the Age of Globalization

We will invite international curators and sociologists to participate in three lectures in the fields of curation, art management, sociology and cultural studies. In this way, we hope to grapple with…

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