Jong Pairez Special Research ProjectTactical Radio Event: Migration And Escape

Jong Pairez Special Research Project
Tactical Radio Event: Migration and Escape

Migration and Escape is a discursive tactical radio event initiated by Jong PAIREZ, a student majoring in Research at our Department t of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices,…

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Department Of Arts Studies And Curatorial Practices At Graduate School Of Global Arts Launches The PhD Course And Research Student Program, Starting In April 2018:
Call For Papers International Conference: Towards Post-Media Theories In Asia

Call for Papers
International Conference: Towards Post-Media Theories in Asia

The media environment has changed dramatically over the last three decades as digital technologies, in particular, the Internet and mobile terminals, increasingly play an important…

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Special LectureJennifer HIGGIE: How To Write About Contemporary Art: Lessons From The Editorial Director Of Frieze

Special Lecture
Jennifer HIGGIE: How to Write about Contemporary Art: Lessons from the Editorial Director of frieze

With support from Frieze Academy and Office for Diversity & Inclusion at Tokyo University of the Arts, Eri KAWADE – Research Associate…

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&Geidai: International Symposium  Is It Socially-Engaged Art?  Discussions On Art, Theatre, Japan, America, And….

&Geidai: International Symposium
Is it Socially-Engaged Art? Discussions on Art, Theatre, Japan, America, and….

Arts practices involving the local community and society, including so-called Art Projects in Japan, are attracting wide attention internationally. Terms which…

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Special Lecture  Beatriz Milhazes:  Living Painting

Special Lecture
Beatriz Milhazes: Living painting

Beatriz Milhazes is one of the best Brazilian artists in contemporary painting known for her large scale works and installations. She develops an innovative painting approach which brings fresh…

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Exhibition Japanorama: A New Vision On Art Since 1970

Exhibition Japanorama: A new vision on art since 1970

Japanorama: A new vision on art since 1970, curated by Professor Yuko HASEGAWA, is now on show at the Centre Pompidou Metz from October 20, 2017 to March 5, 2018. As the title suggests, this is a large-scale exhibition which surveys…

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&Geidai:  Human Resource Capacity Development Program For Arts Project In The Global Era:Official Website Has Launched

&Geidai: Human Resource Capacity Development Program for Arts Project in the Global Era:
Official Website Has Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the program &Geidai: Human Resource Capacity…

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