We are pleased to announce that Professor Yuko Hasegawa of the Graduate School of Global Arts will be retiring at the end of March this year. Professor Hasegawa has served for a long time as a specialist in curation and art criticism. Our department is pleased to present a special lecture as Professor Hasegawa’s final lecture. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Professor Yuko Hasegawa Retirement Memorial Lecture
‘Art History for Tomorrow – History Woven through Curatorial Practice’

Date: 18 March (Sat), 2023, 15:00-17:00
Place: Lecture Room 1, Central Building, Faculty of Fine Arts 5-109, Music Department, Tokyo University of the Arts
‘Art History for Tomorrow – History Woven through Curatorial Practice’
Language: Japanese/English (English interpretation available)
Reservation page: https://forms.gle/wYAoZQFngE1phb3M9
*Reservation page for Hasegawa Lab students and alumni: https://forms.gle/3it2zsnjQdVMk8HS6
*Please note that the number of seats is limited and will be closed when the number of participants reaches the maximum.
*There will be no online delivery.
*A digest version of the recorded video will be available at a later date.

Description: Professor Yuko Hasegawa will discuss “Art History” in her last lecture at Tokyo University of the Arts. Professor Hasegawa studied at the university as a self-confessed ‘daughter of art history’ and has since entered the field of curation, working as a critic and curator. It has been a time of witnessing and being involved in the history of ‘art’ as it is produced and told before our eyes. l’histoire is a narrative, and each history of art is different depending on whose narrative it is. This lecture will be on ‘lived art history’ by Professor Hasegawa, who has been tracing the post-1980s trend from postmodernity to post-conceptual and post-Internet, and has been exchanging the past, history and the present, as well as the site and the audience through the exhibition and the exchange of actuality.