IMM Tokyo presents:
Art Exhibition “Cultural BYO…Ne(ね)!”

”Immigration Museum Tokyo” introduces the cultural background of people with backgrounds overseas living in Japan. This year, continuing from last year, we will hold a multinational art exhibition.
This year’s title, “Cultural BYO…Ne!” refers to the custom of BYO (Bring Your Own) mainly in English-speaking countries, where people bring their own drinks and other items to parties and restaurants. With this exhibit, people with overseas backgrounds brought together their creations, based on this concept, to their own will. The works gathered here include paintings, crafts, videos, traditional music, dishes made with memorable spices etc.; this truly is a crystallization of a wide variety of artwork and daily life. This will be a setting for all of these works and expressions to be shown.
We hope that this exhibition will be a place for you to encounter the people, their works and expressions, and their culture in a new way, while thinking about the lives and the creativity behind each item

Date: December 3rd [Sat.] to 25th [Sun.] 2022 10am-6pm
Venue: Nakacho House (29-1 Senju-Nakacho, Adachi City, Tokyo) *Closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays
Admission is free of charge

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[Organized by] Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts/Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts/OTOMACHI PROJECT (NPO)/Adachi City
[Supported by] The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, through the Japan Arts Council, Fiscal Year 2022 (TOKYO GEIDAI “I LOVE YOU” project 2022)
[Direction by] Shigeaki Iwai (Artist, IMM Tokyo Chair)

「アートアクセスあだち 音まち千住の縁」事務局