Celebrating the Publication of “Japanorama” (Suiseisha): Talk Event by Yuko Hasegawa, Yasuo Kobayashi and Futoshi Hoshino “Panorama of Japanese Contemporary Art”

The exhibition “JAPANORAMA” was held at the Centre Pompidou, Metz in 2017. The exhibition, which was held at the Centre Pompidou in Metz in 2017, depicted a panorama of contemporary Japanese visual culture since 1970, with six themes arranged like an archipelago, including “Strange Objects, Bodies: Posthuman,” “Poetics Beyond Politics,” and “Soft, Floating Subjectivity, Ultra-Private Documentary. This exhibition, which depicted contemporary visual culture in Japan since 1970 as a panorama, caused a great sensation.

We are pleased to announce the publication of a long-awaited book in Japanese and English, JAPANORAMA: NEW VISION ON ART SINCE 1970 has been published. The book introduces the works exhibited in the exhibition in full color and includes nine authors’ essays on the visual culture of contemporary Japan since 1970.

In this event, we invite Ms. Yuko Hasegawa, who curated the “JAPANORAMA” exhibition, and the authors of this book, Mr. Yasuo Kobayashi and Mr. Futoshi Hoshino, to explore the vein of contemporary Japanese visual culture.

* This event is conducted in Japanese

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Yuko Hasegawa
Yuko Hasegawa is currently a professor at the Graduate School of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, and Artistic Director of the Inujima House Project. She specializes in modern and contemporary art history, museum studies, and curatorial theory. He has developed curatorial practice based on criticism in Japan and abroad. He has independently and jointly organized biennales in Istanbul (2001), Shanghai (2002), Sao Paulo (2006), Sharjah, UAE (2014), Moscow (2017), and Thailand (2021). As for Japanese contemporary art, in addition to the “Japan Panorama” exhibition, he has organized solo exhibitions by Shiro Suga, Atsuko Tanaka, Ryoji Ikeda, Dumb Type, Rhizomatiks, and SANAA. She has also published several books, including “Destructively, They Say: Women Artists Who Cross Borders Softly” (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Press, 2017) and “Curation: The Power to Shake Knowledge and Sensitivity” (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Press, 2017). (Tokyo University of the Arts Press, 2017), Curating: The Power to Shake Up Knowledge and Sensibility (Shueisha Shinsho, 2013), and Introduction to Contemporary Art for Girls: Focusing on the MOT Collection (Awakosha, 2010).

Yasuo Kobayashi
Born in Tokyo in 1950. Professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo. Majored in cultural theory of representation and philosophy. His major publications include “A Radical Inquiry into “Humanity”: French Contemporary Philosophy in Purgatory (1)” and “The Secret of Death, the Fire of Hope: French Contemporary Philosophy in Purgatory (2)” (Suiseisha, 2020/2021). ), “Opera Postwar Culture 1: The Dark Fate of the Body 1945-1970,” “Opera Postwar Culture 2: The Age of Labyrinths 1970-1995” (Miraisha, 2016/2020), and “The Adventure of Painting” (University of Tokyo Press, 2016).

Futoshi Hoshino
Born in 1983. He is currently an associate professor at the University of Tokyo. Specializes in aesthetics and theories of representational culture. He is the author of The Rhetoric of the Sublime (Gekiyosha, 2017), and the translator of Jean-Marvin François Lyotard’s The Analytic Theory of the Sublime: Lecture Notes on Kant’s Critique of Judgment (Hosei University Press, 2020), and Cantin Maillassoux’s The Finitude of Later: An Essay on the Inevitability of Chance” (co-translated, Jinbunshuuin, 2016).