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  1. June. 2020− 30. June. 2020

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Yuki HARADA| Tavito NANAO | Sngho NOH | Sanghyun PARK | Mio SUZUKI | Yuichiro TAMURA | Wayne LIM | Yotta



Under the supervision of Professor Yuko HASEGAWA, this exhibition is a practicum of the curation course for five international students at Tokyo University of the Arts.

The purpose of this exhibition is to present new contexts to various values of today’s ever-changing world from each curator’s point of view, and to gain new knowledge from viewer’s diverse responses.

As the situation of the world is changing every moment due to coronavirus. In response to this situation, this exhibition will be held online instead of an actual physical space. With this new exhibition format that can reach to audience even under situations of social distancing, we hope to provide opportunities for more people to view the artworks and think about a better future.



Every day, we live in our own narratives that constitute to what we call as “reality.  Although this reality appears to manifest itself before us as a single story, countless of other narratives spread out in the background to our chosen paths. This exhibition, “Alter-narratives” which will be presented in an online platform with various mediums such as paintings, images, and installations, were originally plan to for Chinretsukan, the University Museum at Tokyo University of the Arts. We would like to invite you to discover possible alternate realities in this exhibition.

Through reorganizing the stories of past, present, and future that unfold the various possibilities of “reality” in this exhibition, we hope you can imagine a different world that we may live and attempt to confront the future with critical thinking.



■An online exhibition by five curators

This exhibition is presented by five graduate students majoring in the curatorial studies at Tokyo University of the Arts. With the sensibility as a student curator, we took on the challenge to curate an online exhibition in response to the current pandemic situation.


■ Eight artists from three different countries

Eight artists from three Asian countries (Japan, Korea and Singapore) will participate in this exhibition.

The rising Korean artist Sang Ho NOH has created artwork for the popular Korean band HyuKoh. Meanwhile, Singaporean artist Wayne LIM created fictional news articles to question the reliability of news and envisioned the possible future through fictional stories. This is the first time that both artists will be introduced in Japan.


Sangho NOH, 《Bean Farm High》, 2019. ©Sangho NOH     Photo by Kyungtae KIM


■Artists from different disciplines

Yuki HARADA and Yuichiro TAMURA are two artists that has been active in the field of contemporary art in Japan. They create new narratives by re-interpreting objects. Besides HARADA and TAMURA, renowned musician – Tavito NANAO will also participate in this exhibition. Therefore, this exhibition creates new experience by re-interpreting different disciplines in contemporary art.


原田裕規 , 《One Million Seeings》, 2019. ©Yuki HARADA


[Related Program]

Artist Talk

We will be broadcasting live talks online by the participating artists and guests.

More information will be announced on our website and SNS platforms.


Yuki HARADA One Million Seeings live streaming

One Million Seeings is a video work by participating artist Yuki HARADA and it will be streamed live for 24hours.

Date and time: Saturday, June 13, 2020 (10:32 AM) – Sunday, June 14, 2020 (10:37 AM)

*p.s. the live stream of Yuki Harada’s video work would not be archive.


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Organized by Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

Co-organized by Culture Vision Japan Foundation Inc.

Sponsored by startbahn, inc., Daps Corporation

Subsidised by Geidai Friends

Supervisor: Yuko HASEGAWA (Professor, Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts and Artistic Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo)

Co-curators: Tomoya IWATA, Mio HARADA, Jisoo CHUNG, Qiuyu JIN, Jying TAN

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