Master Thesis Presentation 2019


The Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices program in the Graduate School of Global Arts, which was launched in Spring of 2016, focuses on three core areas of specialization – arts management, curation, and research – in order to study the relationship between the arts and society. The Graduate School of Global Arts will organize its 2019 Master’s thesis presentation as follows. 12 students will give presentations over three days, along with presentations by guest commentators. We would like to welcome everyone to witness the achievements of these students.

Date:Saturday, 9th ー Monday, 11th February 2019
Time:10:00~19:00(Last day until 18pm)
Venue:Tokyo University of the Arts, Senju Campus
Address:1-25-1, Senju, Adachi Ward, Tokyo
No reservation required and free of charge


[Art Management]

ANDO Yuki Localization of the Megamusical
CHEN Yinglin Arts and Cultural Management of Relationship-oriented Theaters and Citizens
HABAYA Mari A Study of Agricultural Art Projects


KUROSAWA Seiha The Expression of ‘Sights’ in the Time of New Ecology – An Analysis of Koji Nakazono’s “Outer Edge”
Lily Shu Air/Pool – An Art Project on the Shifting Relationship Between Individual and Community
HIGUCHI Tomoko Voice as a Method of Expression – Focusing on the Works of Fuyuki Yamakawa –
MINEGISHI Yuka An Emergent Introspective Relationship Brought About by Communication with Art – Practice and Analysis of Art Appreciation and Dialogue


WOOLSEY Jeremy The Art of Miyajima Tatsuo and Soka Gakkai: A Conceptual Account
SILLMAN Tanja Spontaneously Occurring Art and Community – Regarding Japanese Alternative Art Project #BCTION
FURUHASHI Karin Possibilities of Running Commentary at the Classical Music Competition
MIYAUCHI Mei The Loft – The Closed and Open Space:Between Capitalism and Hedonism
YUKIMURA Kazuya Creating Audiences in Private Mini Theaters – Focusing on the Theater Support Membership System –

<Guest Commentators>

Saturday, 9th February
TATEHATA Akira/HASEGAWA Arata/INABA Toshirou/Roger McDonald/TAKANO Ryudai

Sunday, 10th February
KUBOTA Keiichi/OYAMA Koutarou as MON

Monday, 11th February

<Faculty Members>

KUMAKURA Sumiko, MINOGUCHI Kazumi, HASEGAWA Yuko, SUMITOMO Fumihiko, EDAGAWA Akitoshi, MOURI Yoshitaka

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*Each presentation will be conducted in Japanese or English. There will be no translation.
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Organized by : Graduate School of Global Arts(GA), Tokyo University of the Arts
Contact : Faculty Room, Graduate School of Global Arts(GA), Tokyo University of the Arts