Tokyo University of the Arts and the University of Copenhagen
Collaborative Research Project

Collaboration and Community-Building
in Contemporary Art(CCCA) Workshop

The roles of art and artists in society has dramatically changed over the last two decades. How can (or cannot) art contribute to a community-building?: how can a community inspire art and artists?: how do artists collaborate with members of a community?
Following the international conference on November 4-5, 2017 ‘Collaboration and Community-Building in Contemporary Art in Japan and Denmark’ (organized by University of Copenhagen and supported by JSPS), the workshop examines the possibilities and problems in collaboration and community-building in contemporary art through a comparative study of Japan and Denmark.

Date: January 31, Wednesday- February 1, Thursday, 2018
Venue: Lecture Room 1, Senju Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts
(1-25-1, Senju, Adachi-ku)
Languages: English or/and Japanese, No Translation Available

*The number of participants: 20. Booking is needed in advance.
Please contact to make a reservation: mouri(a)

Organized by: Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
In Collaboration with: Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen


Day1: 31 January

14:00-14:40  Opening Remarks 1:
Socially Engaged Art and its Discontent in Japan
Yoshitaka Mori (Tokyo University of the Arts)

14:40-15:20  Opening Remarks 2:
Collaboration and Community-Building in Contemporary Art in Japan and Denmark
Gunhild Borggreen (University of Copenhagen)

15:20-15:40  Coffee Break

15:40-16:10  Presentation 1:
Creating Transnational Local Communities through Arts and Crafts
Liliana Granja Morais (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

16:10-16:40  Presentation 2:
Community and Art in the Region
Tanja Sillman (Tokyo University of the Arts)

16:40-17:10 Presentation 3:
Illegitimate Bodies: Radio Kosaten as a Participatory Research Laboratory
Jong Pairez (Tokyo University of the Arts)

17:10-17:30  Coffee Break

17:30-19:00  Discussion:
The Questions of Communities in Art
Speakers: Tomoko Shimizu (Tsukuba University), Hikaru Fujii (Artist)
Discussant: Sumiko Kumakura (Tokyo University of the Arts)

19:30  Welcome Party


Day 2: 1 February

13:30-15:00  Presentation and Discussion
Collaboration and Community Building in Contemporary Art: Focusing on Echigo Tsumari Triennnale
Speaker: Rei Maeda (Art Front Gallery)
Discussant: Anemone Platz (Aarhus University)

15:00-15:30  Coffee Break

15:30-17:00  Presentation
On Memory, Monument and Community
Speaker: Yoshio Shirakawa (Artist)
Discussant: Yoshitaka Mori

17:00-18:00  Wrap-Up Session


Yoshio Shirakawa, Wooden Horse Festival of Umaya, 2011


Hikaru Fujii, Playing Japanese, 2017