Symposium + Exhibition

What is “Landscape” today? “Landscape” has had a great impact on our ways of thinking and perception as well as formations of fine arts. Reflecting changes in technology, economy and society in the age of globalization, the concept of “Landscape” is also transforming itself at present. This project focuses on the concept of “Landscape” and tries to think about its current conditions.

This symposium and exhibition are an outcome of the earlier transnational exhibition “Hotel Asia Project: Landscape” which travelled throughout the Asia; Kokura, Hefei, Shanghai and Bangkok. In this symposium at TUA, some of the artists and curators involved in the transnational exhibition project are invited as presenters: co-curator of this “Landscape”, artist and director Gallery Soap (Kita-Kyushu, Japan) Keiichi Miyagawa, Chinese curator Ni Kun from Organhaus(Chongqing, China) and emerging young Thai photographer Miti Ruangkritya who also exhibits his works, Kokura based artist Gen Sasaki and curator and contributor to the artist book related to this exhibition, Fumiwo Iwamoto. Several artworks from a series of exhibitions will be presented at this three-day show in Tokyo University of the Arts too.

In addition to the participants above, Postgraduate students from department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Studies and Creativity of Arts and the Environment will also participate as artists, curators and presenters at the exhibition or symposium; Prof. Yoshitaka Mori, a co-founder of international network project “Hotel Asia Project” and art historian, Catharine Harrington from the global support center of Tokyo University of the Arts.

*This project is supported by the “International Specialist Invitation Program” (Tokyo University of the Arts).
** Japanese, English and other languages will be used in the symposium. We will offer Japanese translation from languages other than English whereas there is no translation between Japanese and English.

BABU (Japan), Chulayarnnon Siriphol (Thailand), Fumiwo Iwamoto (Japan) , Miti Ruangkritya (Thailand), Yu Guo (China), Ni Kun (China), Wang Haichuan (China), Second Planet (Japan), Keichi Miyagawa (Japan), Gen Sasaki (Japan), Suntag Noh (Korea), Bongsou Kim (Korea), Ai Kano (Japan), Eri Shibata (Japan), Lily Shu (China), Mei Miyauchi (Japan), Midori Miyakawa (Japan), Jong Pairez (Philippines), Catherine Harrington (UK), Yoshitaka Mori (Japan) and more ……

Date: Friday 27 to Sunday 29 January 2017
Time: 11:00〜19:00 (18:00-20:00 on 27th)
Venue: Exhibition Room, Daigau-Kaikan, Department of Music,
Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts

Symposium: Landscape Today
Date: 28th JAN 2017 12:00-19:00
Venue: Tokyo University of the Arts, Ueno Campus, Music Faculty Campus, Daigaku Kaikan 2F

12:00- Artist Talk: on Landscape
Gen Sasaki, Eri Shibata and Lily Shu

13:30- Panel: Reconsidering Landscape
Fumiwo Iwamoto, Catherine Harrington, Ai Kano, and Jong Paired

15:30- Break

16:00- Foodscape: Mei Miyauchi, Midori Miyakawa

17:00- Symposium: Landscape Today
Ni Kun, Miti Ruangkritya, Keiichi Miyagawa and Yoshitaka Mouri


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