Special Lecture
Introduction to Art and Culture in the Global Age
Anselm Franke:
Exposing the Frames of Art

Anselm Franke, curator and writer based in Berlin, will deliver a lecture entitled “Exposing the Frames of Art” for our compulsory special course in English Introduction to Art and Culture in the Global Age, at the 5th period on November 18. Auditors from other departments are all welcome.
In this lecture, Franke will talk about the idea that “the history of modern and contemporary, among other things, is a history of open and indeterminate meaning and an exploration of the concept of art through its social and institutional framings.”
He talks as follows:
“Especially since the 1960s the concept of art was put radically into question and was thus radically expanded. This exploration can be described as a process in which things that were previously just an inconspicuous background (such as museum walls) were gradually turned into a topic and subject matter of art by artists themselves, such as the social, economic, or architectural conditions. “
“In the practices called Institutional Critique, for instance, the entire apparatus of contemporary arts’ institutional framing has been critically exposed. Doesn’t the future of contemporary art depend on how we widen this process to expose historical questions concerning the division of knowledge in modernity? And I suggest the openness and indeterminacy of contemporary art plays a major role in finding a new response to history.”

Date: Friday, November 18, 2016
Time: 16:20~17:50
Venue: Lecture Room 5-409, Department of Music, Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts

*No booking required.
*The class will be conducted in English.

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Portrait Photo ©Foto Sephanie Pilick, 2016