Special Lecture
After “Ain’t Got Time to Die” in Deptford X, London

Awarded Art Action UK 2016, residency program in London, Kyunchome stayed in London and hold their solo show, Ain’t Got Time to Die as part of Deptford X during their stay. What did they see, feel and make in London? How do Londoners see Kyunchome in the period of Brexit argument? Kyunchome will talk about their experience and exhibition in London.

Date: 5 July 2016 (Tue) 16:30-18:00
Place: Lecture Room 3, Senju Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts
Speaker: Kyunchome (Artists Tokyo)
Moderator: Yoshitaka Mori (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Language: Japanese (no translation available)
*All welcome. No need for booking.