Art Access Senju: Otomachi Senju no En
Encore exhibition:

《Black House》 by Shinji Omaki

An old vacant house has become a site for art in the shadows of passing time.

As you leave the hustle and bustle of down-town Senju, and walk through the narrow backstreets; a “Black House” unexpectedly comes into view. Built more than 50 years ago, the “Black House”—which has also been an ironworks, an “izakaya” bar and a fishing pond at one time—has an arresting presence in itself. In this timeless place, the artist, Shinji Omaki attempts to sway and rock the shadows of time. A subtle sign of a changing mood – is it caused by time revived from the forgotten past or time that traverses different dimensions?

Exhibition Period:
2nd April – 8th May, 10:00〜17:00
*Open only on Sat, Sun, Mon and National Holidays

Black House
29-4 Senju Naka-machi, Adachi-ku Tokyo
*About 10 mins walk from the West Exit of JR Kita-senju Sta.
*No parking allowed.

Free of charge.

Guest Curator: Sachiko Namba



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The Organizers:
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Universsity of the Arts Department of Music, NPO Otomachi Keikaku, Adachi Ward