*If you wish to visit a faculty member’s laboratory, please include an outline of your research and desired dates and times for the visit (at least three possible dates/times would be appreciated) in your inquiry. We may not be able to arrange your visit as requested should the faculty member’s circumstances not permit it.

*Expect our response to reach you within one week. If you have received no reply after that time, please contact us again as there may have been issues preventing us from acknowledging your inquiry.

*We are unable to respond to inquiries concerning personal information of students, graduates, faculty members and/or staff.

*Please note that we may respond to inquiries that do not have a clear origin or reason.

*To inquire to other Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty and Graduate Schools, such as the Faculty and Graduate School of Fine Arts (including GAP: Global Art Practice), the Faculty and Graduate School of Music, and the Graduate School of Film and New Media, please refer to the following and contact the relevant Faculty or School directly.

・Faculty and Graduate School of Fine Arts
Tel. +81-50-5525-2122 Educational Affairs Section
・Faculty and Graduate School of Music
Tel. +81-50-5525-2309 Educational Affairs Section
・Graduate School of Film and New Media
Tel. +81-50-5525-2675 Educational Affairs Section