Glitches In Love: A New Formula

Glitches in Love: A New Formula

“Glitches in Love: A New Formula” will introduce 12 artists from Japan, England, China, Ireland, and Slovenia under the theme of a “New formula of Love”.We are surrounded by countless forms of love today. When these loves take on new shapes in modern society, will they be embraced or treated as a glitch? In our modern society, those loves and lovers that problematize the inflexible geometries of love can be styled glitches; bugs in the system that society attempts to quash. We welcome those previously scorned by the rigidity of defined love, and radiate love universally. We will look at…

Urban Sansui

Urban Sansui

The following exhibition, organized and curated by GA adjunct instructor Ryosuke Kondo, will be held at kudan house. Please click here for reservation and details.

GA Master And Doctor Thesis Presentation

GA Master and Doctor thesis presentation

Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts (GA) will hold the Master’s Thesis Presentation 2023 as follows. This year, 13 prospective graduates (10 master’s students and 3 doctoral students) will present their theses over three days at the Senju campus…

Global Support Center: Guest Lecture

Global Support Center: Guest Lecture

Nanxi Liu and Michael Leung are two beans from a relatively-new collective called gwobean, in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. The space is organized by 16 people from different journeys—some we met during land movements, some at university, some at zine fairs, and more. We share a common thread, to coexist in tumultuous times.

9 Dec (Fri) GA Open Lecture|Senses of Place in Arts – Creative Reflections through Cultural Mapping

The Graduate School of International Art and Creative Studies (GA) will hold a public lecture focusing on the ‘Sense of Place’ of art projects that are closely connected to local communities. The speakers from Malaysia and Canada will explore the idea of the sense of place in arts through the method of ‘culture mapping’ from their respective perspectives. Those interested in the relationship between society and arts, locality and community, and place and culture are welcome to attend.