Technology is continuously transforming music. This does not only mean that new technologies add new ways of expression or new tones. But rather, new technology transforms the category of “music” and changes the environment, the body, and the social relationships that surround it.

In particular, it is the transformation of the senses that plays an important role here. Music is not an “auditory” art form, as is commonly believed. As anyone who has played an instrument for even a short time knows, music is played not by the ears, but by all five senses: hands, feet, mouth, and nose. The discourse of confining music to the “auditory” is an attempt to erase the inherently sensitive physicality of music and reduce people to passive listeners.

Music with technology brings us a new relationship between the body and the machine. In this workshop, we would like to introduce two styles of music that have not yet been clearly visualized as trends when considering the new music of the 21st century: live coding and modular synthesizers.

These two styles are opposite in their direction, but are expected to create an alternative relationship between technology and music, especially a new sense of the body, which is being cleverly controlled and manualized by computer platforms, applications, and software. In this workshop, we invite Naoki Nomoto and Chiho Oka, who are developing these two new styles, as guests to discuss the relationship between music, technology, and the body in the 21st century through hands-on demonstrations.

Yoshitaka Mōri


Date and time: April 27 (Tue), 2021 14:00-17:00
Venue: Studio A, Senju Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts
* Studio participation is limited to students of the Faculty of Music, Department of Music Creativity and Environment (MCE), and the Graduate School of Global Arts(GA).
Organized by: Department of Music Creativity and Environment, Faculty of Music / Graduate School of Global Arts Yoshitaka Mōri Lab.
Moderator: Yoshitaka Mōri (Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Guest Lecturers (Performance): Naoki Nomoto and Chiho Oka



野本直輝|Naoki Nomoto

Naoki Nomoto is an electronic musician and programmer based in Tokyo, Japan. He is a modular synthesizer player and also live coder playing TidalCycles and SuperCollider. He also participates in organizing Algorave Tokyo. And he belongs to some bands are fuelphonic, algo ruidoso, paralyzed, TCS, unconscious disharmonic malfunction, no sleeves and more.



岡千穂|Chiho Oka

Chiho Oka is an artist based in Tokyo. She plays a game exploring algorithmic variability or regularities for manipulating human behaviors, conceived from her experience in computer + experimental music. She works mainly in performance, music, mixed media installation, and video. Graduated from the Department of Film, Graduate School of Film and New Media. Currently a research assistant at the Graduate School of Global Arts.

Keywords: Software, Automation, Sound